Best free resources to learn and improve your coding skills

Programming is a skill, not a God-given gift, and the only way to improve at it is to practice. The more lines of code you write down, the more bugs you face and solve, and the more mistakes you embrace, the faster you’ll improve at programming in any language.

The beauty of coding is that it is very easy to find free resources from which to learn the trade all over the Internet. In my career change path I have used many of these websites, so here is a list of the best resources I have come across over the years.


This website is the holy grail of interactive code practicing. With tutorials in over 10 programming languages, frameworks and libraries, Codecademy is a great place for beginners to start stretching their coding muscles. Most tutorials will explain basic programming concepts very clearly and challenge the user to apply the knowledge.

Personal Favourite:
I really loved their Command Line tutorial. To work with your terminal can be a bit intimidating if you are not very experienced, but their tutorial gives you all fundamental commands you should know to start working with it.


If you like challenges this is the site for you. Codewars offers hundreds of them in eight different languages, made by the site community. From coding fundamentals to applied mathematics, here you can find material to loosen up a bit every morning or to really test your programming level.

Personal Favourite: When you answer questions correctly, you can see how others answered the same questions, allowing you the chance to see more efficient ways to write your code. Also just to sign into the website, you have to prove your worthiness by answers a couple of coding questions.



The programming world is evolving all the time. New technologies are always rising to the top and you’ll have to learn how to use them. Level Up Tuts is a remarkable website with a extremely thorough video series on around 30 languages and frameworks. JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal, and AngularJS among others. Every video series is divided into short and digestible pieces, so will never feel lost during your learning process.

Personal Favourite:
I really loved their Sass tutorial. Fun, dynamic and clear, great for fast learning.


This website has become the fundamental stone of programming in the Internet era. A gigantic database with about every programming question and answer you can imagine. If you ever have a question, this is the place for you.

All community driven, collaboration is the key word at Stack overflow. Ask and answer questions, improve your reputation as a programmer, and be an active member of the developing community.

Personal Favourite:
The fact that you can unlock features and gain access to forums to share with the community, depending of your reputation on the site.


This is my latest discovery. This website run by a non-profit is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge. From mathematics to programming, find courses, challenges and projects to work on. It is a great choice to practice programming fundamentals.

Personal Favourite:
You can start your own projects and share them with the community.

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